Pay what you can. Every time.

About Yoga Sol

Voted “Best Yoga Studio” by MN Monthly Reader’s Choice Awards 2019

Located in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis, Yoga Sol is an innovative yoga studio committed to making yoga accessible to all through our pay-what-you-can pricing structure and welcoming community. We are a tribe of yoga lovers and rule breakers that are fueled by a mission to make yoga accessible to all. Who say's yoga has to be unaffordable or exclusive for the few? Who says you have to look a certain way, be of a particular ability, or be of certain means? We’re here to make the impossible, possible.

We welcome students of all abilities by offering a wide variety of classes, workshops, and events - all on a pay-what-you-can basis. Our innovative, pay-it-forward model is what sets us apart from other studios. Yoga Sol was born in 2012 and is grounded in a principle of generosity - the engagement and generosity of our community is what sustains and supports our instructors and our studio.

From meditative candlelight practices to energizing sculpt workouts, we offer a variety of classes to suit whatever yoga experience you are looking for. We are committed to the well-being of all students by creating an environment where people can have fun and express themselves without judgment.